Imagine a garden that you not only like to look at, but love to live in. CT Scapes' friendly and professional team can help with all phases of landscaping, from design and installation to maintenance. 

Landscape Design and Installation

CT Scapes specializes in landscape renovations. Let us help you create a custom garden design with year-round appeal. We are expert at building lush softscapes (plants are our passion!), as well as eye-catching masonry, carpentry, and lighting. Our designs are truly unique, never cookie-cutter.

We believe your yard can be an extension of your home and will help you craft your ideal outdoor living area. Whether it's a butterfly- and hummingbird-friendly retreat with native pollinator-attracting plants or an edible garden with abundant fruits, vegetables, and produce, we can help you plan it and plant it. 


Already have a landscape design and need an expert to install it? We can do that, too!


Landscape Maintenance and Troubleshooting 

Keep your landscape looking beautiful with our dedicated maintenance service. We have extensive experience addressing a variety of garden concerns, including tree trimming, pests/diseases, irrigation problems, plant age/location issues, and soil conditions. 

San Diego landscape maintenance

Permaculture Design Certified

We are Permaculture Design Certified from the Permaculture Research Institute. With this specialized training, we can transform your property into a regenerative ecosystem.

What is Permaculture? 

"Permaculture is a design discipline based on a set of ethics and the foundational principles of the natural world.  Permaculturists apply what they learn from nature and traditional land based cultures to the human environment, developing ways to ecologically produce food, create shelter, store water, design economic and governance systems, and meet human needs via informed ecological design.  The aim is to develop human communities that improve the environment of life so that all may flourish.  With decades of development and growth, Permaculture offers a leading environmental and social transformation methodology and movement." (Source: Permaculture Institute)

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