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Water-wise Balboa Park Redesign (9 months of growth)

Less than a year after installation, the plants in our redesign of two garden beds at world-renowned Balboa Park are thriving. All that rain we received last winter has made a tremendous difference! With the right plant selection and placement, and proper irrigation, it doesn't take long for things to grow and mature and look stunning. The best part is, this design is eco-friendly, featuring drought-tolerant and pollinator-friendly plants.

See how everything has grown, and what the area looked like BEFORE in Fall 2018 (last photo).

BEFORE CT Scapes re-design.

We encourage you to visit Balboa Park in person. The beds are just west of the Bea Evenson Fountain (in between the Natural History Museum and the Fleet Science Center). We'd love to know your thoughts!  #BalboaPark #GardenMakeover #Succulents #SaveWater #WaterSmart #LandscapeMakeover